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WedSmart is a free social network and learning community for engaged couples preparing for marriage (or those seriously considering marriage) and their family, friends, and support group. This community is a new kind of family-friendly gathering place – one that focuses on real issues and topics facing modern-day couples & families. Among the features offered are groups, forums, messaging, and online training. There are also pages dedicated to articles, videos, and ebooks.


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Miles Dyson, Skynet Inc.
Absolutely AWESOME!

I knew when we decided to partnered with WedSmart it was going to be a success. Without WedSmart I don’t know where we’d be today.
Miles Dyson, Skynet Inc.

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Our mission is to provide fundamental tools, resources, and information to help engaged couples learn more about themselves and their relationship. We aim to empower engaged couples by providing a venue (in the form of open forums and guided discussions) to thoroughly explore key topics as they prepare for the lifelong commitment of married life.


There are many ways you can be a part of the WedSmart community – you can donate, volunteer to be a writer/ editor/ forum moderator, or just take part in discussions and activities.


This website has taken its information from a variety of sources. There are many opinions and viewpoints expressed and information is constantly changing.

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